I was born in Kentucky and raised in the suburbs of Chicago.Iíve always had a passion for outdoor photography.I would return home from camping and rafting vacations with rolls and rolls of film capturing the beautiful landscapes in which I had lived.


My photography was only a hobby while I spent 20 years working in the corporate world.Then my world changed in 1999 when I left the corporate world to pursue an acting career.Today, Iím a working actor and can be seen performing on stage with many of the theater companies in the Chicago area.


In December 2004, I found another passion Ė black & white fine art photography.Combining my admiration for the female form, my love for black & white art, and my expertise with digital technology, I quickly found another outlet for my creative energy.As a friend described it, I found my ďpleasure passion.Ē†††


Iíve worked with both professional and amateur models to create stunning art worthy of a gallery exhibition.I can provide you with unique one-of-a-kind art for your personal enjoyment or help you to build your modeling portfolio with unique images.







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